Artists Affiliation: Artists Republic Production
Birthday: Aug 23
Zodiac: Virgo
Blood Type: AB
Height: Undisclosed
Weight: Undisclosed
Gender: Undisclosed

Origin is unknown. At age 14, forms dual-vocalist indie band CROSS BONE with close friend Daiya, which is considered to be the predecessor to REBEL CROSS. Becomes known as the “prize-taker” after winning various contests. Was then scouted by AR Productions and signed under the condition of entering ISM. Rage’s markedly bizarre behavior caused a stir among ISM’s primarily “well-off” student body.


Affiliation: Artists Republic Production
Birthday: Aug 7
Zodiac: Leo
Blood Type: 0
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Gender: Male

Daiya was raised at an institution after losing his parents at a young age. While in elementary school, he was invited by close friend Rage to form indie band CROSS BONE. During this time, he signed with AR Productions under the condition that he enter ISM. In addition to being vocalist, he also played guitar in the band. He has won 1st place in the International Street Dance Competition.