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About AR peformers

ARP 1stミニアルバム「A’LIVE」Promotion VIDEO SHINJI編

ARP 1stミニアルバム「A’LIVE」Promotion VIDEO REBEL CROSS編

ARP 1stミニアルバム「A’LIVE」Promotion VIDEO レオン編

『AR performers βLIVE(ベータライブ)』ダイジェスト版

About AR peformers

A wide array of talents from character designers, CG creators, musicians, voice actors, motion actors, dancers, and game creators, all coalesce to a produce a single “AR performer” artist capable of exhibiting an astounding range of talent that previously was never possible in a single performer.

Each live show is a unique, one-of-a-kind real time performance that utilizes the latest cutting-edge visual technology.

Performances are colored by the numerous traits of each “AR performer”, and are furthermore directly influenced by the audience. The result is a new era of live entertainment that allows the audience to have an exciting, interactive experience with the stage.